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“I had doubts about this at first, but the price persuaded me to take a risk. It was completely beyond my expectation. This carb is amazing!”

2012 YAMAHA YZ125 / Jason



“To be honest, its manufacturing process is much better than Lectron! The performance completely exceeded my expectations, great! Great value for money!”

2016 KTM 300XCW / Aaron. K



“Too awesome, I love my XTNG CARB, and my bike runs like a new bike”

2016 HUSKY TE250 / Tom. L



“I can’t believe it. I only used half of Lectron’s money to get exactly the same performance.”

2003 HONDA CR250R / Williams



“Faster, farther, and cheaper! ! ! Worth every penny!”

2018 HUSKY TX300 / Connor



This is the most valuable sum of money I have ever spent. Its performance completely exceeded my expectations. I recommended XTNG to my friends.

2009 YAMAHA YZ125 / Evan. M



“Unbelievable price. At the beginning of the period, I was very suspicious. My friend bought an XTNG for his YZ250. We did a test ride and replaced it with Lectron for comparison. We are surprised that the performance of XTNG seems to be better, I bought one without hesitation, it's awesome!”

2016 YAMAHA YZ250 / Jim. M

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