Welcome, We feel very honored for your arrival ! Here you will spend less money to buy the most valuable Performance-enhancing accessories.Compared with other well-known brands on the market, we have the same performance as them or even better performance! More reasonable design,Better manufacturing process and lower price. We will provide you with first-class products and after-sales service.

About Us:

Not everyone is going to be seduced by the new generation fuel-injected TPI and TEi Austrian two-strokes, Either because they are expensive or simply just don’t want to accept this darn right ugly new world we live in these days. For many there’s a significant amount of nostalgia attached to riding a two-stroke, and when those certain folk think of two-strokes they expect to see that lovely old mechanical wonder that is the carburettor attached to its bore or crankcase, But is there another alternative to fuel in – jection, something that can transform a stock non-fuel injected smoker into a tree hugging green machine? Is there an alternative that removes the necessity to faff around with jetting every time you encounter a change in elevation or weather, or improves fuel efficiency, throttle response and wait for it – adds a few ponies to boot? Did it exist, and if it did, could it rate as a practical alternative? The answer is that it does exist, It’s an un-temperamental system that doesn’t use a needle and jets to measure-out the fuel, instead a metering rod. Yes, Its working principle is exactly the same as that of other brands of products you already know. It has passed countless tests, and its performance is even better ! However, many people care about its price. This time your opportunity is here. I believe this is the most valuable deal you will have !!!

XTNG was created in 2018, A company specializing in R&D and manufacturing of mechanical fuel atomization systems, Headquartered in Hong Kong.

We onsists of a group of energetic riders and mechanics who love dirt bikes, We have the same hobby. Yes, What you want is exactly what we want.

All this thanks to this genius---William H. Edmonston, Therefore, We will work hard to make this all better, so that more people have it. At present, our products are mainly oriented to the off-road motorcycle market, especially in the field of racing. Behind us is a very large precision processing industry chain, It is these that provide a reliable guarantee for our products and after-sales service.

About XTNG Carbs:

In 2019-2020, We manufactured some carburetors similar to Lectron. We call them XTNG gen 1 carbs.

  • In February 2019, we released XTNG gen 1 carburetors for the first time.

    We evolved the Lectron HV Venturi into a completely smooth tube.After this, We saw Lectron launched the H Series, This is totally a coincidence. Since then, H has replaced HV, which fully demonstrates that smooth airflow can significantly increase the power of the engine compared to airflow that may be turbulent.

    How is the XTNG Gen 1 4T version assembled ?

    We used CNC manufacturing process and corrected the wrong choke position, The metering rod has been modified for different engines, which makes it perform better on the dynamometer, so we have also put in a lot of effort,At the same time, we also received a lot of positive comments.

    Later we noticed that this original design has some inherent defects.For example, the slider cannot cut off the ai flow 100% because of air leakage on both sides of the protruding portion of the slider, This defect leads to not very good bottom power output. This slider design also has sticky throttle issues on a four-stroke engine, This seems to remind you again of the era when EI ruled, These are not important, The important thing is that we must keep the classics.

    Show pictures about the above:

  • There is always a gap between the two bodies on the sealing ring of the floating bowl. After long-term use, these two gaps will cause the carburetor to leak fuel, As a result, the surface of the carburetor is always very dirty.

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  • On the four-stroke version, we have redesigned the fuel circuit so that these circuits are completely hidden inside the carburetor, Make it look neater.

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  • We added an additional air-fuel auxiliary circuit, It can change the air-fuel ratio at idling, This circuit can greatly increase the torque output at low speeds and unparalleled throttle response , From then on you don’t have to adjust the metring rod like Lectron or SMART CARB, Ride on your bike and don’t need to turn off the engine, Everything is adjusted from the outside and the entire adjustment can be completed in just a few seconds.

    Before you come here, you may have a thorough understanding of some well-known brands of carburetor, Yes, we have exactly the same working principle as you know.

    XTNG carburetor uses a single metering rod to complete the fuel required by the engine in the entire power band, On this basis, it also has one or two auxiliary fuel lines for fuel replenishment, They start to work when the throttle opening exceeds one-half and they are fully adjustable, The way the metering rod works can make the entire power band very linear. The metering rod eliminates the need for jetting, and automatically compensates for a wide range of elevation and temperature changes using air density and fuel lift. This means less time tuning and more time riding. You can adjust the idle mixing circuit screw to make your engine sound crisp when idling or get unparalleled throttle response and excellent torque performance at low speeds. You can adjust the power jet to get the best peak power or cool your engine when you are riding in the desert or snow.

    We have better fuel atomization effect than traditional carburetor, This effect is caused by two aspects:

    1, We got a better air velocity by modifying the venturi tube.

    2, Used a metering rod derived from Bernoulli's law. Our carburetor obtains finer fuel particles and even fuel vapor, This leads to the full combustion of the fuel and the full conversion of heat energy into kinetic energy, At the same time, this also means that your mileage will increase, which is equivalent to saving fuel.

    In addition, we also added a fuel leakage prevention device to the carburetor, which can prevent fuel leakage when your bike fell down.( This requires an additional cost)

    Each of our carburetor is made of high-quality materials, and each part uses high-precision processing technology. The processing tolerance of the metering rod is less than or equal to one thousandth of a millimeter, and then the assembly is completed according to the most stringent requirements. Provide sufficient guarantee for the performance of each carburetor!

    About Technology:

    Used a metering rod derived from Bernoulli's law.

    The metering rod is also an air density sensor and an accurate fuel metering device.
    Enhanced venturi effect.

    Power jet provides altitude compensation and engine cooling function.

    Consistent air-fuel ratio changes with altitude and temperature.

    Once it’s dialed in, forget about adjustments and enjoy the ride!

    About Technology:

    *Metering rod design eliminates traditional jets

    *Not need to adjust the metering rod, all adjustments are performed on the outside

    *Jetless design auto-adjusts to wide variety of conditions

    *Minimal impact from elevation, humidity, and temperature change

    *Direct fitment in place of stock carb

    *The choke is on the right side

    *Device to prevent fuel leakage(Need to pay extra)

    * Venturi effect enhanced tube(Self-selection)

    *May help improve fuel economy

    *Smoother power delivery than stock

    *Increased performance

    *Clear float bowl for easy monitoring

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