Carb Service

Please describe the problems that occurred during the use of the carburetor, We will conduct detailed inspections based on these issues, This includes tearing down the carb(s), ultrasonic cleaning, replacing the choke, slide, gaskets, o-rings, vent lines, needle seat valve, recementing and curing the body halves, vacuum testing.Floats and float bowls will be replaced as necessary.If there is irreversible physical damage to the main body of the carburetor, it cannot be repaired.

After repairing or replacing parts, we will restore all factory settings.

We will calculate the total cost of these parts and the cost of restoring factory settings.

If it just restores the factory settings without replacing any parts, you only need to pay $100.

Please clean the surface of the carburetor, including oil stains and dirt, before shipping to us.

You only need to ship the carburetor itself.

DO NOT ship the cables or throttle assembly to us.

You need to pay for shipping back and forth.

We will not return the replaced used parts.

Contact US now for carburetor service.