Slide Assembly

34 / 36 / 38 / 40
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Slide Assembly includes pressed in slide insert kit

Make sure your slide moves freely from closed to wide open before running the bike!

Please confirm the size of your original slider before buying(Please measure the length of the slider)!

34 / 47.07mm   (0028G2CASK)    

36 / 48.50mm   (0029G2CASK)    

38 / 49.12mm   (0030G2CASK)    

40 / 50.12mm   (0031G2CASK)    

Our price: $35.00

Parts ID: 0028G2CASK  

Parts ID: 0029G2CASK 

Parts ID: 0030G2CASK 

Parts ID: 0031G2CASK